Please use this link to check what applies to your specific airline.  We advise you to also check with the airline in what form they offer refunds at the moment. Some airlines have stopped offering cash refunds for cancelled flights. Instead, they are offering alternatives such as vouchers or the ability to rebook. We are subject to the airline's rules and not technically able to assist you with a refund unless the airline allows it. When/if we receive the refund from the airline we will process the payment to your original form of payment. 

In all cases you may also turn to the airline for assistance with your request. 

Our role as an intermediary of flight services is clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions (see here for more information).

In the cases where a refund is possible that means, depending on the airlines terms, that either the customer or our customer service on behalf of the customer needs to file for the refund with the airline. For us to be able to pay it out to the customer we then first need the airline to pay it to us. In all cases where a refund is granted and paid to us by the airline we process the refundable amount on to to the customer as quickly as we can.