In all cases you may also turn to the airline for assistance with your request. For the EU, the Regulation 261/2004 applies and the airline shall assist you without referring you to the travel agency even if you purchased the flight tickets on the travel agency’s website. 

If we assist you with your claim for a refund, it is still the liability of the airline and the airline is responsible for your claim. If you have made your ticket purchase with us, the airline will make a refund to us and we will process the payment to your original form of payment after receiving the funds.

Please note that the possibility of receiving a refund of payment depends on the airline’s cancellation terms for your ticket. Some airlines might not offer a possibility of a refund according to their policy even if the flight was cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.

In Sweden, where our headquarters are based, the Consumer Protection Agency has made a public statement on the airline’s obligation to assist their customers and not refer them back to the travel agencies. If you turn to us for assistance, we will do our best to assist you but we are limited to the rules and restrictions of the airlines.