Because of the coronavirus outbreak the airline industry is facing a difficult situation with a large number of flight cancellations and pending payment refunds. If you wish to change or cancel your flight reservation, we will contact the airline on your behalf. The airline rules vary from airline to airline and we cannot guarantee that the airline you are traveling with will provide what you have requested. Please be aware that we are doing our best to support you in this challenging situation.

Our fee for the manual handling is limited to 30 EUR per reservation. 

Please note that we will deal with all refunds or change requests in the order we receive them and that the expected handling time is longer than usual due to the current situation and the increased volume. We are doing our very best to assist you as soon as possible.

How will you keep me informed about updates?

You will receive an email when your change or refund has been processed and we ask you to wait for such further information via email before contacting us.

If you turn to us for help with claiming a refund from the airline, this is how the refund process looks: